Eye Care for School Aged Children

Eye Care for School Aged Children

Vision, learning and Innisfil Eye Care

Innisfil Eye Care in Innisfil, Ontario talks about Children & Learning

Undetected vision problems can put your child at a significant disadvantage in the classroom. A child's eyes are constantly in use in the classroom, and various visual skills must work together so that they can see and learn clearly. If any of the skills are lacking, your child will need to work harder so they can see, often squinting and may develop headaches or fatigue.

Signs of vision trouble are difficult to recognize in children for parents because kids often can't find the words to explain how they're feeling. Vision problems can result in the following symptoms: headaches or irritability, covering or rubbing eyes, avoidance of near or distance work, tilting of the head, unusual posture, losing place while reading, performing below their potential, and omitting or confusing words when reading.

Protect your child's vision and be sure to schedule a complete eye exam for your child prior to the start of school. Call or stop by Innisfil Eye Care in Innisfil, Ontario.

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