Eye Care and Diabetes

Eye Care and Diabetes

Early detection and treatment are the key to maintaining healthy vision

Innisfil Eye Care offers eye examinations for those with or at risk for diabetes

Are you at risk of having vision loss due to diabetes? Innisfil Eye Care can help. Diabetes can create a condition where small blood vessels in the retina weaken and leak, or when abnormal blood vessels grow in the retina. The result is impaired vision and, potentially, blindness. Anyone with diabetes is at risk for diabetic eye disease. But often there are no symptoms until the disease is advanced. For that reason, we recommend that anyone with or at risk for diabetes have a comprehensive, dilated eye examination at least once a year. This eye exam is covered under OHIP, so you needn't worry about costs! Focus on your eye care, as early detection and treatment can prevent any issues from getting much worse.

Some preventative measures you can take on your own include:
- Controlling your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar increases your chance of eye problems developing and can cause blurred vision.
- Controlling your blood pressure. Make sure to keep your blood pressure less than 130/80 and ensure you're only taking blood pressure medicine as your doctor has instructed.
- Do not smoke.
- If you have existing eye problems, avoid straining your blood vessels in your eyes further by staying away from high-impact sports or weightlifting and other strenuous activities.

Call or stop by Innisfil Eye Care in Innisfil, Ontario today for more information or to schedule an appointment with our optometrists.

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Last Updated On: October 20, 2016
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