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Eye Doctor serving Barrie, Dr. Morrie Sher, Innisfil Eye Care

Dr. Morrie Sher, Eye Doctor, Innisfil Eye Care serves Barrie and Central Ontario

Dr. Morrie Sher, Eye Doctor of Innisfil Eye Care serves the vision needs of residents in Barrie , Innisfil , South Simcoe and Central Ontario
Dr. Sher was born and raised in North York. He studied sciences at the University of Toronto then was accepted into the school of Optometry in Waterloo, Ontario. He received his doctor of Optometry at the University of Waterloo in 1985. As well as being licensed in Ontario, he has held licenses in Alberta, British Columbia, Australia and South Africa. He worked at the University of Melbourne school of Optometry as a clinical supervisor in 1987.

He has been working as an optometrist in the GTA since 1988. In 2004, he relocated to his full scope, modern family practice in Innisfil, serving Innisfil, Barrie and surrounding areas. Dr. Sher welcomes new patients to his eye care and vision clinic in Stroud conveniently accessible to South Barrie residents.

Since 80% of learning is visual, Dr. Sher recommends an annual eye exam for students. Come to Innisfil Eye Care and book and appointment with our optometrist today!

Eye Examinations for Barrie Residents, Dr. Morrie Sher, Innisfil Eye Care

Dr. Morrie Sher, Innisfil Eye Care, Eye Examinations for Barrie Residents

Dr. Morrie Sher of Innisfil Eye Care recommends regular eye examinations as part of a routine health maintenance program.

Many people don't understand the importance of having an eye exam. You find time to visit your family doctor for an annual physical. You manage to take your children to their pre-appointed six-month dental hygiene visits. But are you or your family overdue for a trip to the eye doctor's office? Vision care is often neglected. In reality, how much could we actually accomplish in a day without the precious gift of sight? The eyes function as a window to our bodies.
Contact Innisfil Eye Care today and make an appointment with Optometrist Dr. Morrie Sher for an eye examination today .

Why Have An Eye Examination ?

Dr. Sher, Optometrist, Innisfil Eye Care, South Barrie, Answers

Most people no longer question why they should go for regular dental check-ups, yet many have no idea of the value of going for regular eye examinations. Dr Morrie Sher recommends annual eye examinations for everyone.

An eye exam doesn't just tell you how short- or long-sighted you are. It can also reveal eye conditions that may be more serious, and some of these conditions, if diagnosed early, can be prevented from developing further. An example of this is glaucoma.

Glaucoma is a disease that patients often don't notice in themselves until it's too late. If left undiagnosed and untreated, it can lead to serious sight loss or even blindness. Yet a simple eye test is all that's needed to detect glaucoma, and its development can easily be arrested and sight saved.

Glaucoma usually affects people over the age of 40, but that doesn't mean that younger people shouldn't go for eye tests.

How often?

How often you should go for a test varies with age. Optometrist, Dr. Sher recommends that children be taken for an eye examination by the age of three, but earlier if there has been any family history of vision problems or if a problem is suspected.

At Innisfil Eye Care, our facilities are very child friendly. Our state of the art computerized exam charts can display pictures rather than letters and cartoon movies can be shown for the child to watch while the doctor examines his/her eyes. Children find it a fun experience while also allowing for a more thorough exam by the doctor

At 40, you should have a full eye examination, with follow-up exams about every year . Age increases the risk of cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, but remember, if detected early, the development of some diseases can be slowed or halted.

At 70 and beyond, you should have a full eye examination every year, even if you think your vision is good.

Click on the link below to learn more about various Ocular and Visual conditions

Caring for your Eyes. Advice from Dr. Morrie Sher, Innisfil Eye Care

Dr. Morrie Sher, Innisfil Eye Care Talks About Vision Care

Caring for your eyes

Sun exposure and tanning

Canada is full of outdoors enthusiasts. Whether relaxing, exercising or just working in the sun, there are some important factors to keep in mind. This includes those who enjoy indoor tanning beds especially.

Indoors or out, people are exposing themselves to ultraviolet (UV) rays to an unprecedented degree. With the increased penetration of UV rays in our atmosphere today, outdoor exposure is not so different from the UV-rich, indoor tanning beds that have been the subject of much debate.

This is true of cloudy days as much as sunny ones. Don't forget that water and snow environments, as well as higher elevations, also demand UV protection.

Significant exposure to these UV rays can damage your retina, cornea and can cause cataracts or macular degeneration. Ensure that you wear UV-protected sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat when outdoors for a prolonged time. Sterilized protective goggles are essential for any duration of indoor tanning. In any environment, closing your eyes is no protection from UV, and there is no substitute for proper UV-blocking eyewear.

Come to Innisfil Eye Care and book an appointment with our optometrists today!

Information about Ocular and Visual Conditions, Innisfil Eye Care

Innisfil Eye Care, Infiormation about Ocular & Visual Conditions

Common Ocular & Visual Conditions include :
-Amblyopia (lazy eye)
-Farsightedness (hyperopia)
-Macular degeneration
-Nearsightedness (myopia)
-Strabismus (crossed eyes)

For detailed information on these conditions consult the website of Innisfil Eye Care

Eye Glasses Prescribed and Fitted at Innisfil Eye Care

Dr. Morrie Sher of Innisfil Eye Care for Prescription Eye Glasses in Barrie and Innisfil

DR. Morrie Sher is an optometrist who will examine your eyes and if necessary fit you with an eyeglass prescription that will improve your vision . We will help you in choosing what is right for you taking into account your individual needs, hobbies and occupation. All these decisions will be directly under the supervision of the doctor.
We use high quality labs in manufacturing our glasses. As well, every order goes through a second level of quality control to insure it is what the doctor ordered before it gets to you.
Feel free to ask the staff about the latest in coatings, tinting, ultrathin materials, impact resistance or any other specific needs.
Innisfil Eye Care has a large inventory of brand name eyeglass frames such as: Bertelli, Liz Claiborne, EasyClip, Flexon, Nike, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Jill Stuart, Perry Ellis, Fabia Alberti, Marilyn Munroe, Silhouette, Eschenbach and more .
There is sure to be a fashionable eyeglass frame to suit you at Innisfil Eye Care .
In addition, Innisfil Eye Care features prescription sports glasses , sun glasses and ski and swim googles .
Eyeglass lenses are available Essilor, Zeiss , Nikon and Hoya. Digital Freeform design is a recent technological advance in progressive multifocal lens design. These lenses increase the size of the distance, intermediate and reading zones as well as reduce the amount of distortion when looking side to side through your glasses, resulting in better comfort.
Come to Innisfil Eye Care just south of Barrie for all your prescription eye wear needs

Children's Eye Care is a Specialty at Innisfil Eye Care

Innisfil Eye Care, Just South of Barrie, for Children's Eye Care

At Innisfil Eye Care, our facilities are very child friendly. Our state of the art computerized exam charts can display pictures rather than letters and cartoon movies can be shown for the child to watch while the doctor examines his/her eyes. Children find it a fun experience while also allowing for a more thorough exam by the doctor.

Regular Eye Examinations are Crucial for children as eye exams can detect health problems and conditions such as a turned or lazy eye in the early stages. These conditions may be treated successfully if an optometrist diagnoses them early in a child's life; if they go undetected, they can lead to permanent sight loss.
Your child's vision is vital in developing skills such as:

Hand-eye coordination
Social skills

More than 80% of learning is done through the eyes

Children with poor vision often find it difficult to focus on their work and may be misdiagnosed as having a learning or behavioural disability

One in six children has a vision problem significant enough to impair their ability to learn.
Schedule an eye exam for your children with Dr. Morrie Sher in Innisfil today

Contact Lenses from Innisfil Eye Care, Dr. Morrie Sher

Dr. Morrie Sher of Innisfil Eye Care Will Fit You with Contact Lenses

Dr. Morrie Sher, optometrist will fit you with contact lenses . Whether a child needing contacts, or a senior looking for the convenience of bifocal contact lenses, or a patient with a corneal disorder with more complex needs, we will address the needs of the individual. We will always strive for the most comfortable fit with the best vision, taking your individual needs into account. As technology in the contact lens field is always evolving, we try to use the latest innovations in the contact lens materials, solutions, and design characteristics, when determining what is right for you.

Types of lenses we carry: disposable, silicon hydrogel lenses, lenses for astigmatism, bifocal contact lenses, gas-permeable contact lenses, bitoric gas-permeable contact lenses, keratoconic lenses.

Companies: CIBA, Johnson and Johnson, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper, Boston, Paragon, Bausch and Lomb.

Dr. Morrie Sher at Innisfil Eye Care is a Low Vision Specialist

Low Vision can be treated at Innisfil Eye Care by Dr. Morrie Sher

Low Vision is not blindness. 90% of the legally blind have sufficient vision to gain from recent advances in vision enhancing technology.

Low vision generally refers to partial sight that interferes with a person's ability to perform everyday activities. In these patients the vision remains inadequate despite surgical and pharmaceutical intervention, or with conventional glasses. A few common causes of low vision are macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa.

Low vision assessments are provided by Dr. Sher for residents in Barrie, Orillia, Muskoka, Wasaga Beach, Midland and Collingwood.. with special consideration for the needs of the partially sighted.

Referral for high technology computer systems and CCTV (closed circuit televisions) can be arranged to appropriate high technology centers.

Low vision assistive devices include a full range of spectacle mounted telescopes, microscopes, field expansion systems, hand and stand magnifiers, selective transmission filters and hand held monoculars. Devices are made available to the consumer under the guidance of Dr Sher, who is an ADP authorized optometrist.

Assistive Devices Program (ADP). As an ADP registered center, low vision devices can be eligible for up to 75% co-funding (and 100% in certain cases).

Assessments are by appointment. Our commitment to low vision allows us to schedule visits usually within two weeks.
A referral is not necessary. Dr. Sher will assess your vision and advise you on your eligibility for ADP. The low vision assessment is not covered by OHIP.

Let our optometrists assist you, your child, or your family members with your vision needs. We welcome and encourage open dialogue regarding issues surrounding low vision and blindness.

Please remember to bring your OHIP card, drug card if eligible for OWSP or ODSP and any glasses and vision aids you may have.

Contact Morrie Sher at Innisfil Eye care if you are a low vision candidate and are located anywhere in Central Ontario from Newmarket to Muskoka including Barrie, Orillia, Bradford, Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Midland, Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Hunstville.

Laser Vision Correction Consultation, Dr. Morrie Sher, Innisfil Eye Care

Dr. Morrie Sher Provides Laser Vision Consultation

Dr Morrie Sher can determine if a patient is a good candidate for the surgery when he does a comprehensive eye examination. He sends laser vision candidates to only the top and most experienced surgeons at surgical centers using the latest technologies. Dr. Morrie Sher has many very happy patients who no longer require full time use of glasses or contacts.

Arrange for an eye exam with Dr. Morrie Sher of Innisfil Eye Care to determine whether Laser Eye Surgery is for you.



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