Crizal Prevencia

Crizal Prevencia

Help protect your eyes from damaging UV and Blue-Violet light with Crizal Prevencia lenses from Innisfil Eye Care

Innisfil eye Care in Barrie, Ontario features the Crizal Prevencia lenses

Discover Crizal Prevencia lenses , the first clear lenses which : 1) protect your eyes against harmful UV and Blue-Violet light 2) let essential light pass through  3) guarantee optimal vision and durable transparency.

Crizal Prevencia lenses are perfect for those who spend a lot of their time on computers. A lot of screen time means a lot of Blue-Violet light. Crizal® Prevencia™ No-Glare lenses filter out harmful Blue-Violet light from your electronic devices and protect against damaging UV rays.

Protect your eyes from everyday light with the Crizal Prevencia lenses available at Innisfil Eye Care in Barrie, Ontario

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Last Updated On: November 02, 2015
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